Bingo Blitz

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Bingo Blitz 

Do you like playing Bingo?  What if I told you it was free?  What if I told you that they will pay you if when you win?  

It’s true!  First they deposited .01 Eur just to make sure it was my correct paypal account.  Then I played a whole bunch of times throughout the day and won several times and I just got .34 cents Eur deposited into my paypal account which equals .50 Canadian.  However, any country can join. 

For playing several times throughout 1 day!!

For one month in my strict high interest savings account, I got .04 Canadian.  

I just made .50 for one day of play about 10-20 times!!

You need a paypal account, like to play Bingo, of course win a couple of Bingo’s, and facebook account. 

I am on facebook.  If you would like to try this game, get in touch with me.  I can help you with free stuff to help you win the game more quickly or maybe give you coin!

Please search for me on facebook and ask to join.  My name on facebook is Brenda L Doucet

Friend me on facebook and ask to join and I’ll hook you up!! 

So much fun. 


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