Bravecto – Finley Memory

You won't believe what this pup & owner went through.

This is a story about my friend Candace who I met when I was working at Scotiabank here in Ottawa.  I am trying to raise money for her to cover a vet bill of about 10 K.  Please consider donating $5 to help relieve some of this debt. 

Please consider a donation of $5 to help with the vet bills now at least 10 K.  Such a sad story.  Help fund for Finley – Click here to go to GoFundMe 

He was only one years old.  He is only one years old. Part Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix. 

Her beautiful dog Finley, did not survive.

This begins about the beginning of July 2018. 

I think this little break is just to plan some more mischief… hmmmm, how can I get Mommy next? 

He loves his turtle ❤️

I don’t think he understands the purpose of this bed… he either lies beside it or humps it! 😄

A feline friend he met at the pet store when I got his new harness (which by the way is the THIRD one I’ve tried!!). I am still having problems with him walking with it. He refuses to move. He doesn’t like collars either. What does one do… ???

We can not go outside without him trying to eat every pine cone he sees… he thinks they are little gifts for him. Then I have to fight to get them away. Especially the tiny ones… He tries to swallow them before I get my hands in his mouth!!

His puppy ways have been trying my patience, (I’ve had him a week and could already write a book)!! The wonderful thing is he has a lot of good and adorable moments too (thank God!) not to mention how many times he cracks me up! 👍🏼😄. Needless to say he has quickly made his way into my heart… Mommy loves you LOTS Finley! ❤️🐾❤️

Travelling in the car

Finley playing with his dragon

Visiting with Emma

Playing with Cassie (Mom’s dog)

Testing out his new chew toy

Stole neighbours paper and ran all the way down the hall before I could get him!! Brat! lol

Pulled all of Cassie’s toys (Mom’s
dog) out of toy box and jumped in for a nap

Fell asleep with Nyla bone in his mouth. Lol

Loves playing with sticks!!

My little boy after the vet yesterday. His crying and yelping broke my heart while he was getting booster shots and having blood drawn to check for heart worm. Thank God we don’t have to go back now for a year!! 😊It was as stressful for me as it was for him. Lol. Although I have to say he looked so darn cute trying to walk with these bandages on afterwards. ❤️ He had one good night’s sleep and seems back to normal. 😊

Aug 27, 2018 2 31 pm Candace wrote – Hi Everyone, this msg is only to warn all of you pet owners to please think twice before giving your pets any oral flea and tick medication. Unfortunately I did a few weeks ago (recommended by Finley’s vet) and he became critically ill after taking it. Don’t trust your vet like I did. Do your research BEFORE giving them any drugs. $3K in vet bills later and Finley is still VERY unwell. I hope he makes it through this, it will now be in his system for 120 days 😢. Please join the group “Does Bravecto Kill Dogs” to get more info on what this and similar drugs can do to your pets. I am posting this only for people to become aware so you don’t chance it happening to your pet. I apologize but I am too overwhelmed right now to answer any questions… please don’t be offended if I don’t reply to anyone right now. 

Aug 27, 2018 Candace wrote – He had to have emergency surgery last night to save his life from what they call an intussusception.  Another dog owner on the group “Does Bravecto kill dogs” had the same fate with her dog. I also read 30 horses had the same intussusception issue after taking it as well. Finley is still in ICU and has a tough recovery ahead if he makes it through. We’ve been told by the vet they are taking an hour at a time. 💔💔💔

I visited Finley again tonight. My poor sweetheart had a feeding tube shoved down his nose and stitched to his head. They are going to start doing feedings through this tube starting tonight as he won’t eat on his own. One good thing is his bowels seem to be working properly after his surgery. He had his first poop (diarrhea) today. The aggressive surgery they did took out 1/3 of his small intestine, 1/3 of his bowel and also removed his cecum (which is like our appendix). He’s still in the danger zone of leakage from where they reattached everything. They say the most dangerous time is 3-7 days post surgery. That’s when they see the most issues with leakage from the surgical site. If that happens he will need surgery again right away or he will die. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen. My heart can’t bear to put him through much more.

Aug 31, 2018 4 41 pm Candace wrote – I visited with Finley for a couple of hours around noon today. The update from overnight was that the catheter that he had in his left paw (for IV and meds) blew so the fluids were going under his skin instead of in his vein. They repaired it by changing paws and said they started him on some antibiotics as he started a fever which could mean infection is starting. Hopefully the antibiotics will take care of that. I will be going back to see him later this evening. These next few days are considered the most dangerous for toxic leakage so please keep him in your prayers. Thank you all again for you love and support. It means a lot. Xox

Finley has passed over. He's with God.

Sept 01, 2018 Candace wrote – 

Unfortunately, I received news this morning that my precious baby boy did indeed have an infection going on and the only way to try and fix it was to do more surgery. They gave a 50% success rate, plus not being able to guarantee him having a good quality of life after all was said and done. For that reason I had to make the torturous decision of letting my precious little boy cross over. I am completely devastated. Thank you again for all of your kind words, love and support through all of this. Xox. RIP my sweet little boy. Mommy loves you more than you’ll ever know. ❤️💔❤️💔


Please consider a donation of $5 to help with the vet bills now at least 10 K.  Such a sad story.  Help fund for Finley – Click here to go to GoFundMe   

Please read the link provided above to be sure you want to give this product to your pet.  

Also, join the facebook group called Does Bravecto Kill Dogs? 


People who have already given from their hearts.  We have raised $870.00 so far. Let’s keep this campaign going and help with her vet bill as much as possible. 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  Truly you are all angels here on earth. 

Joe Doucet, Janine Iley , Karen Allatt, Sanden Family, Jeff Wright, Mike & J-L Charbonneau, Dana Derousie, Super E, Laurie O’Connell, Steve Cater, Kelly Seeton, Geoff Matthews, Margaret O’Connell, Ayla Migwans, Walid Aly, Jennifer Darling, Steve O’Connell, Peter Harrison, Petra Kovacs & myself. 

Here is the bill I received from the Ottawa Animal Emergency & Specialty Hospital totalling $8725.37. I have other bills from the Alta Vista Animal Emergency on Aug. 13th as well as many others from Blair Animal Hospital (the new vet I sought for ongoing care since that date to try and save his life), but won’t post those as I don’t think donations will even get close enough for this one bill. 

To anyone who has already donated. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

Law of Attraction – Chapter 2

How Do You Know It Works?

Many people suggest that you shouldn’t worry about whether the LoA is working.
You shouldn’t worry whether thinking positively and maintaining an abundance
mindset generates better results for you.
But I disagree.

As with all things you do in life, business, and personal relationships, it’s important to evaluate whether or not what you are doing has actually. It’s not only important to do this, so that you can refine your approach, but also so you can decide whether or not what you’re doing is really working at all.

This is also true with the LoA, no matter what people tell you to the contrary.
Now, at first, you might see this as a contradiction. You might wonder how you
can simultaneously be positive and believing while also maintaining a degree of
skepticism. But, in fact, it is entirely possible.

How can you start Law Of Attraction? 

Start by setting a trial period. Give yourself, say, 3 months.
In this period of time, commit yourself to following the Law of Attraction.
During this trial period, don’t let anything stand between you and your goals.
Think positively and focus on achieving those goals, rather than focusing on the
things that can prevent you from achieving them.

Also, during that trial period, adopt the “abundance” mindset. Don’t worry about
“winning” every social interaction; and don’t focus on extracting every last dollar
from your customers, your business partners, and your friends.
In short, behave as you would if you had already achieved your goals. If you
were as wealthy, attractive, likeable, accomplished and intelligent as you wished
to be, would you be scraping for every last dollar? Of course, you wouldn’t. And,
if you ever want to get there, you shouldn’t behave this way, either.

So, give yourself a trial period of 3 months, put your all into it, and see what
happens. I guarantee that living abundantly, thinking positively and
constructively, and giving to others without expecting something in return will
transform your life, your business, and your relationships in a positive way.

Stay Tuned for more!

Law of Attraction

Chapter 1: Law of Attraction – An Overview

LOA = Law of Attraction

The LoA is not only a statement about attraction, but it is also a suggestion for
how we should think about situations in our lives. In particular, it urges us to think
about abundance, rather than scarcity. For illustration’s sake, consider the
following four situations. Decide whether you have an abundance or scarcity

You’re deciding whether to help out a business associate with a new
project he has in mind. You know that it has the potential to be successful;
and you know that you can help him to implement it. But, ultimately, you
decide not to do it. You decide that a small part of your customer base
overlaps with his—and you don’t want to lose even a single customer to him.

You’re deciding whether to start an affiliate program to promote your new product, but you’re discouraged by the fact that you have never done this before. Instead of seeking out help, you decide that it probably won’t work out, so you don’t do it.

You just started a new business. You want to rent an office, so that you
have a place to send your employees. You know that this is a big risk, but
instead of letting this bog you down, you refuse to view it as an obstacle; and instead push forward, determined to make it work no matter how hard it may seem initially.

You’re deciding whether to do something nice for your wife (husband). You know that you could make her life easier by doing this favor for her (him), but you ultimately decide not to. Instead, you decide to hold offer, so that you can offer to do it as a bargaining chip for something in exchange. 

After reading these examples, can you see the difference between an “abundance” mindset and “scarcity” mindset? Can you see how the LoA directs you to think and behave in a way that will generate reciprocity and kindness from others?

And, furthermore, can you see how following the LoA directs you not to worry persistently about being taken advantage of; and not to live your life with the goal of extracting every last penny and favor from everyone else, while doing nothing for them in return?

These are important things to see and to understand about the LoA if you everwant to practice it successfully; and reap the rewards that it offers.

Continue to next chapter!


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Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz 

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