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Hello There, Mama B here.  I am giving away one of my creative pieces monthly to anyone who signs up on my website page. 

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I’d like to get to know you so sign up and together we can make your experience with my website some where you’d love to check up on weekly.  

I have a youtube channel where I teach a lot of information I have learned online through courses etc for free using free tools and paid tools.

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I have retired and am spending a lot of time teaching online because teaching someone is a passion of mine.  I know I struggled with so many programs to learn in the beginning but now I am mostly comfortable using them all.  It does take practice and it is important to stay active because programs are changing daily and being upgraded often.

So Join me not only for the draw but to get updated information that will help you with your online journey, or newest creations I have made before it hits my Etsy shop.

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