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I’ve come to realise for many years it doesn’t matter what topic you want to talk about there are going to be some who either disagree or agree depending on their experience or what they have been told to believe or taught to believe. Good example is God. I believe in God but I don’t believe in religion. Many wars have been fought over Religion. There was a friend of Jason’s over yesterday and some how death came up. So I politely said to him after his comment, “I guess you don’t believe in God” and his reply was “No, once I die, it’s over.” So I replied, “That’s cool, I guess we’ll see when we die” and smiled, we both laughed. Conversation closed. 

I didn’t feel the need to convince him and he didn’t feel that either. I respected his decision as he did mine. Let’s just say for a second when my physical body stops beating and is dead but my spirit lives. Let’s just say I truly believe that even if I was able to try and communicate with someone in some stupid secret code like (black bears are harmless) that only my kids would understand for example and they themselves heard this in their dream or from a professional and it convinced them my spirit was alive, guaranteed, many would believe and many would not. The scary fact is depending on the situation, speaking to the dead may have you committed. 

It doesn’t matter what I bring up. For example, being hypnotised, I got a lot of flack about that. Very vivid dreams that seemed real, very few believed me because the people in the dream either disappeared or were dead. What about the arguement with  margarine vs butter. Dairy products, meat, herbs, essential oils, chiropractics, psychiatrist list goes on and on. We are all unique. Not one of us is the same. Not one finger print is the same. Isn’t that mind blowing?  Thank God we all are different with beliefs, opinions, experiences, facts of how to live our lives.  How to take care of each other. How to take care of ourselves. 

Personally, I believe in God. I believe that one day I will be reunited with my family and  friends but will have the choice to come back in spirit. So when people say to me, you believe in God??? Where is God when children die? I know it’s very hard but I believe they are in a better place. It is those left behind that are in pain, grieve and are bitter why because they believe, once your human body is gone, it’s over. I believe evil only exist on earth not in the spirit world. I believe when our physical body dies,  we are all going to have to see our complete lives from birth to death. Showing all the people we have hurt and all the people who have hurt us. Showing all the good people have done for us and all the good we have done for others. In my opinion only, if you truly want to know what is the best thing to do when you come to a cross road? Ask your guardian angels. don’t believe in spirits or angels? Then ask your inner child or your inner self. See there is a term to help everyone so no one is offended

Free will. We have all been given it.  Unfortunately, due to ignorance, fear, and lack of faith, it took me a long time to realise that is isn’t selfish to take care of me. 

I am not an expert, I am not a doctor or teacher or professional.  This is just my opinion which is just as important as yours.  Who knows, your opinion may help me and my opinion may help you .  If we do all have spirits in us or around us, I believe we are supposed to help and love one another to make life on earth the best it can possible be. 

Be the best you can be



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