How to add an email address to Siteground

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1) Log in

2) click on my accounts

3) click on cpanel

4)scroll down to email accounts

5)double click on it

Put whatever you want as your email. I just used owner as an example make sure your password is strong, siteground will warn you. Click Create account. In green it will say Account Created. Notice Next time you log in, do the same steps above up to Step 5. Go to the email account you want to open and click on the More option arrow down. It will give you the option access webmail. Click on it. You get three options of operating systems for your emails, just pick one by double clicking. Here you can fill out as you wish. I use aweber which is an autoresponder but I’m using as my return address. Log out anytime. To log back in use the email address you just created and the password you just created.

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