Law of Attraction – Chapter 2

How Do You Know It Works?

Many people suggest that you shouldn’t worry about whether the LoA is working.
You shouldn’t worry whether thinking positively and maintaining an abundance
mindset generates better results for you.
But I disagree.

As with all things you do in life, business, and personal relationships, it’s important to evaluate whether or not what you are doing has actually. It’s not only important to do this, so that you can refine your approach, but also so you can decide whether or not what you’re doing is really working at all.

This is also true with the LoA, no matter what people tell you to the contrary.
Now, at first, you might see this as a contradiction. You might wonder how you
can simultaneously be positive and believing while also maintaining a degree of
skepticism. But, in fact, it is entirely possible.

How can you start Law Of Attraction? 

Start by setting a trial period. Give yourself, say, 3 months.
In this period of time, commit yourself to following the Law of Attraction.
During this trial period, don’t let anything stand between you and your goals.
Think positively and focus on achieving those goals, rather than focusing on the
things that can prevent you from achieving them.

Also, during that trial period, adopt the “abundance” mindset. Don’t worry about
“winning” every social interaction; and don’t focus on extracting every last dollar
from your customers, your business partners, and your friends.
In short, behave as you would if you had already achieved your goals. If you
were as wealthy, attractive, likeable, accomplished and intelligent as you wished
to be, would you be scraping for every last dollar? Of course, you wouldn’t. And,
if you ever want to get there, you shouldn’t behave this way, either.

So, give yourself a trial period of 3 months, put your all into it, and see what
happens. I guarantee that living abundantly, thinking positively and
constructively, and giving to others without expecting something in return will
transform your life, your business, and your relationships in a positive way.

Stay Tuned for more!

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