Law of Attraction

Chapter 1: Law of Attraction – An Overview

LOA = Law of Attraction

The LoA is not only a statement about attraction, but it is also a suggestion for
how we should think about situations in our lives. In particular, it urges us to think
about abundance, rather than scarcity. For illustration’s sake, consider the
following four situations. Decide whether you have an abundance or scarcity

You’re deciding whether to help out a business associate with a new
project he has in mind. You know that it has the potential to be successful;
and you know that you can help him to implement it. But, ultimately, you
decide not to do it. You decide that a small part of your customer base
overlaps with his—and you don’t want to lose even a single customer to him.

You’re deciding whether to start an affiliate program to promote your new product, but you’re discouraged by the fact that you have never done this before. Instead of seeking out help, you decide that it probably won’t work out, so you don’t do it.

You just started a new business. You want to rent an office, so that you
have a place to send your employees. You know that this is a big risk, but
instead of letting this bog you down, you refuse to view it as an obstacle; and instead push forward, determined to make it work no matter how hard it may seem initially.

You’re deciding whether to do something nice for your wife (husband). You know that you could make her life easier by doing this favor for her (him), but you ultimately decide not to. Instead, you decide to hold offer, so that you can offer to do it as a bargaining chip for something in exchange. 

After reading these examples, can you see the difference between an “abundance” mindset and “scarcity” mindset? Can you see how the LoA directs you to think and behave in a way that will generate reciprocity and kindness from others?

And, furthermore, can you see how following the LoA directs you not to worry persistently about being taken advantage of; and not to live your life with the goal of extracting every last penny and favor from everyone else, while doing nothing for them in return?

These are important things to see and to understand about the LoA if you everwant to practice it successfully; and reap the rewards that it offers.

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