Not Secure Why No PadLock?

Why No Green Padlock - Website is unsecure!

Yesterday March 13, 2018,  I went to do more work on my website and noticed in the address bar on the left hand side it should have had a green lock and the word beside it Secure | for example.  Look for yourself right now on any website.  To learn about the various symbols go to this google website.  Find out if your page is “secure ” “info/or not secure” ” not secure/or dangerous”.  Mine was grey “info/or not secure”.  This is not a good sign. I reached out to hostgator (my hosting provider) and was on chat with them for about an hour.  First they suggested I get a SSL Secure Locket Layers which I did.  They asked me to go back and activate it, which I did.  No Change. They did what they had to do in the background.  They requested me to clear my cache history the try the address again. No change.  They told me to reboot and all should be well. This took about an hour and a half of my day.  Rebooted, still no change.  I was discouraged but you will later see it wasn’t hostgator’s fault.  I’m very happy with their service.  I was about to ask for my money back because I later found out I don’t really need a SSL certificate if I don’t have a payment option on my website which I don’t.  Eventually I will though so I just kept it.  I am using the  Elementor on my wordpress site  which is a page builder for WordPress (highly recommended) I then went to Elementor facebook groups where I requested help.  I had no idea if this issue was Elementor, or my theme Ocean WP or wordpress or my hosting company. Where do I start? Everyone in the Elementor group was amazing. Read comments here!  Of course you have to be a member first.  So many people helped me in so many ways.  A lot of time had passed before I was finally able to fix my problem.  We tried installing various plug ins for wordpress like SSL and many others.  I’d install them then remove them if no change.  My site was getting worse!  The home page was all over the place, what a mess.  What was weird is that it was only the home page that was not secure, the rest of my pages were fine.   A kind a very smart woman named Ana assisted me.  She told me to go to a site called which I did and put in my website address.  Here are the results. 

I submitted this link/results to the Elementor facebook group.  Ana the woman I previously mentioned, noticed that my theme name Oceanwp and an image.png was noted.  She asked me to remove one picture at a time, update then refresh.  I tried all the pictures and no change.  I then realised that I didn’t check my background png. As soon as I removed it, the Secure feature went back on.  I was so relieved that it wasn’t a hackers issue.  I thanked the Elementor facebook group very much but especially Ana for nailing it.  Needless to say, we are now facebook friends! Now that everything seemed ok I went back to and redid the test.  Here are the results.  

Hours of work because when your learning you have no idea where to start.  Don’t worry about the Protocols warning, it is for websites that sell on their site, and that isn’t me YET.  You should look into it though if you have a consumer type site because changes are coming June, 30, 2018.  

I truly hope this experience has helped you out in some way.  If yes, Please comment below.  Also, if you would like to learn more about internet marketing, please sign up on my main page.  

Hopefully, this saved you hours of work!

Have an amazing day.  

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