Product Reviews

Product Reviews

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7 thoughts on “Product Reviews”

  1. I just love these soaps!! I have found it difficult to find soaps with high quality ingredients that do not dry out my skin. These will leave your skin feeling soft and healthy. I have even used them as an ‘everything soap’ (face, body, and hair!) and they are fantastic all around. Highest recommendation – stock up if you can!

  2. I have comfort knowing that I am using natural products on my skin. Your soaps smell beautiful, lather perfectly, and are so moisturizing. I have been using your soaps faithfully now for 5 years and I prefer your soaps to any commercial soap on the market. I’m looking forward to trying your new products.

  3. I have tried several soaps and I loved them all. They made my skin feel really soft and left my bathroom smelling amazing. I loved them so much that I bought many more and gave them as Christmas gifts.

  4. I don’t know much about soap, but I know what I like. I like this!! The Shea butter leaves me silky smooth. I thought black charcoal soap didnt make sense, but a little exfoliation can’t hurt. I have some others I havent tried yet and they make my bathroom smell nice. Love the all natural product, with the ever changing line up. Interested to see what Ill buy in my next order.

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