Coconut Milk Mango

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Pomegranate Mango Fragrance Oil with Coconut Milk

The perfect blend of crisp pomegranate, citrus and juicy Mangoes. Heart notes of jasmine, rose and lilac. Base notes of amber, musk and powder.

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Appx 120 grams

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Why is homemade soaps better? Home made soap also contains glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant that attracts moisture from the air to the skin. It’s produced naturally during the soapmaking process. Some commercial soaps remove the glycerin from the bars and sell it to make lotions and creams and other things, sometimes replacing it with synthetics. Just google it. You will see why some consider it liquid gold.

1 review for Coconut Milk Mango

  1. Flavia (verified owner)

    OMG!!!! I love the scent of this soap. And as always, Brenda’s soap are high quality that makes my skin feel amazing .

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